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  1. This Chapter contains information about conditions of service relating to member's dependants. It deals with the range of conditions available, including education assistance, emergency support for families, dependants with special needs, assistance on relationship breakdown and other related conditions.

  2. This Chapter does not deal with conditions assisting family of members serving overseas or on deployments. These conditions are set out in chapters 12 to 17.

Categorisation framework

  1. A member’s recognised family are categorised into the following.

    1. Accompanied resident family.

    2. Unaccompanied resident family.

  2. The categorisation of a member’s family is used to determine what conditions of service the member is eligible for.

  3. A member who has accompanied or unaccompanied resident family may also have non-resident family and/or recognised other persons.

  4. These terms have the following meanings.

    1. Accompanied resident family has the same meaning as section 1.3.14.

    2. Unaccompanied resident family has the same meaning as section 1.3.20.

    3. Non-resident family has the same meaning as section 1.3.1.

    4. Recognised other person has the same meaning as section 1.3.37.

    5. Partner has the same meaning as section 1.3.36.

Changes in circumstances

  1. A member's family circumstances may change over time. The member may need to change the categorisation of their family.

  2. Members must ensure that records accurately reflect their family circumstances.

  3. Members must inform their unit or administration centre if family circumstances change. This may require a change in the categorisation of the member’s family.

  4. Because many conditions of service depend on the categorisation of a member’s family, a member who fails to maintain currency of records may be incorrectly paid.

  5. A member is required to submit an AE681 - ADF Categorisation Change and Application to Live In/Live Out when applying to change the categorisation of their family.

Pay and conditions manual


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