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7.8.40 Purpose

7.8.40A Member this Division does not apply to

7.8.41 Assistance with payments for rental home

7.8.42 Advance payment of bond when sharing


Example: A member got each of her three housemates to give her a part of the bond money. They then paid the full amount of the bond. The member asked for an advance for only their share of the bond.

7.8.44 Member to give evidence of payment

7.8.45 Unused advances to be repaid

7.8.46 Method of repayment

7.8.47 Rent paid before member moves in


Example: The Commonwealth will be able to remove the member's property direct to the new home, avoiding the need to remove it to and from a storage facility.


Example: A member is posted to a Service location. They are informed that they are eligible for rent allowance. They find a home to rent on a house-hunting trip and sign a lease for the rented home three weeks before the date they are due to arrive in their new housing benefit location. They have to do this to secure the new home. They will get rent allowance for those three weeks.

7.8.48 Rent paid after member moves out


Example: The rental home has been damaged by fire.


Examples: Advertising or bond inspection costs.

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