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14.4.13 Purpose

14.4.15 Rest period benefits



1. A member may take recreation leave under Chapter 5 Part 4 during or at the end of a journey in conjunction with a rest period.

2. Under section 5.4.33, members cannot be granted recreation leave to be taken during a journey during the COVID-19 pandemic unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Example 1: A member travels from Sydney to Los Angeles direct. The journey is six time zone hours. The member is eligible for two rest periods and takes them on arrival in Los Angeles.

Example 2: A member is approved to travel from Sydney to New York via London (indirect). The time zone difference between Sydney and New York by the direct route is nine time zone hours, so the member is eligible for two rest periods. The member chooses to take one rest period in London and one on arrival in New York.

Recreation leave with rest periods

  1. This section applies to a member who has been approved to take recreation leave during or after a journey.

  2. A member may take a rest period at the same location as recreation leave. The duration of the rest period is the same as if the member was to continue the journey without taking leave.

  3. Time spent on a rest period is not to be deducted from recreation leave credits.

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