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7.6.28 Member eligible for a Service residence

7.6.28A Member to become a member with accompanied resident family eligible for a Service residence

7.6.29 Member with unaccompanied resident family eligibility in two locations

7.6.30 Member with no resident family eligible for a Service residence

7.6.33 Acceptance or rejection of reasonable offer


Example: The member accepts a Service residence by signing a tenancy agreement.

7.6.34 Reasons for rejecting a reasonable offer

7.6.35 Changing Service residences


Example 1: The home's foundations are unstable after an earthquake.

Example 2: A recent accident confines a member to a wheelchair for several months. A two-story home is no longer suitable.

7.6.36 Pet ownership


Members won’t be eligible for a removal if they get a pet while they are living in a Service Residence, where it is not allowed.

Example: The member has signed a tenancy agreement, but they are not sure if they are allowed to keep a pet at the Service residence. They buy a pet without checking with Defence Housing Australia if they are allowed to have a pet in their residence. Their tenancy agreement is breached because it does not allow pets. The member must move to another Service residence, but is not eligible for a removal at Commonwealth expense. If they had sought Defence Housing Australia's consent first, they could have prevented this happening.

7.6.37 Ineligible member can apply for surplus Service residence

7.6.38 Service residence for member on deployment


The list of deployments approved by the Minister is available in Annex 17.1.A .

7.6.39 Service residence in family benefit location for member on deployment

Insurance for members who are away


Household insurance may not provide cover while a member is away for long periods. Members are advised to confirm their situation with their insurance company.

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