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From DFRT Determination No. 11 of 2013

D.1.1 Purpose

D.1.2 Definitions

D.1.3 Effective service


Example for table item 1: Annual leave, full pay long service leave.

Example for table item 4: Leave without pay, maternity leave without pay.

D.1.4 Member this payment applies to

D.1.5 Accrual of submarine service


Note for table item 4: In the total workforce model, Reserve service may be described as service in Service category 3, 4 or 5. A member on Service option C is not on Reserve service.

D.1.6 Conditions for eligibility


Proficiency levels reference in this section are managed by Navy through the Submarine Proficiency Framework.

D.1.7 Events that end eligibility

D.1.8 Annual rates of allowance

D.1.9 Administration of payment

D.1.10 Pro-rata calculation of payment

D.1.11 Pro-rata payment for incomplete year of effective or eligible service

D.1.12 Interactions with other allowances

Pay and conditions manual


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