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13.2.4 Member this Division does not apply to

13.2.5 Class of air travel for member travelling when pregnant

13.2.5A Class of air travel for members travelling in groups

13.2.5B Class of air travel for members travelling on a peacetime deployment, exercise or activity

13.2.6 Class of air travel for short-term duty


A member may choose to travel at a lower class than the class they are eligible for. However, they cannot be directed or pressured to do so.


Example 1: A member is eligible to fly business class from Sydney to South Africa. The flight goes from Sydney to Perth to Johannesburg. An international aircraft operates the entire route. The member is eligible to fly business class the entire trip.

Example 2: A member posted in Melbourne is authorised to attend a conference in London. As part of the preparation, the member must attend a meeting in Perth immediately before travelling from Perth to London direct. The travel from Melbourne to Perth is treated as part of the overseas travel under this Division.

13.2.7 Downgrading the class of air travel

13.2.8 CDF discretion for first class air travel



Parliamentary delegations.


The CDF.

The Vice Chief of the Defence Force.

Service Chiefs.

Secretaries of Departments.

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