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8.7A.1 Purpose


Normally the member will not be approved for more than 1 nominated support person per Royal Commission hearing, although the person they bring does not need to be the same person for each hearing, if a witness is summoned more than once.

8.7A.3 Persons who this Part applies to

8.7A.4 When assistance under this Part ceases

8.7A.5 Assistance with transport

  1. Flights under this section do not include flights from overseas locations.
  2. Transport costs under subparagraph b.ii and paragraph c include cab fares, hire cars and public transport costs.

8.7A.6 Assistance with accommodation

8.7A.7 Assistance with meals

8.7A.8 Assistance with incidental expenses


This allowance is to assist in covering incidental costs such as toiletries or laundry costs.

8.7A.9 Assistance with dependant or child care

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