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6.5.45 Purpose


In the total workforce system, continuous full-time service may be described as service in Service category 6 or 7. A member who is in Service category 3, 4 or 5 and Service option C is also on continuous full-time service.

6.5.46 Removal on ceasing continuous full-time service


For table item 2: The member must provide the relevant documents to the CDF.

6.5.47 Removal if service continues after intended date of ceasing


Example: A member posted in Melbourne is removed to Perth in advance of ceasing. The member continues to serve past their expected date of ceasing. They are then posted to Sydney. They are eligible for a removal only to the value of a removal from Melbourne to Sydney.

6.5.48 Removal on ceasing continuous full-time service at own request

6.5.48A Contributions for removal to chosen location

6.5.49 Removal of a vehicle on ceasing continuous full-time service

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