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16.4.1 Purpose

16.4.3 Member this Part applies to

16.4.5 Assisted leave travel


Example: A member has a travel benefit from Timor-Leste to Darwin. The CDF approves travel to Brisbane. The member travels to Brisbane on a discount fare of less than half the cost of the member's benefit to Darwin. The member cannot bank the unused credit to put towards subsequent trips. The relief has taken place and the intent of the policy is met.

16.4.6 Leave fare basis

16.4.7 Number of trips


Example: A member in Fiji has assisted leave travel benefit to one regional trip to Australia and two relief trips to Sydney. The member cannot combine the two relief trips to Sydney to take one relief trip to Perth.

16.4.8 Posting longer than the ordinary posting period


This section applies in relation to a member's original posting period. It also applies if a member's posting is extended.

16.4.9 Posting shorter than the ordinary posting period

16.4.10 Sequence

16.4.11 Offsetting assisted leave travel


Restricted destinations are provided under section 1.3.68Section 5.2.6 provides additional information regarding leave travel taken to specified destinations for a member on long-term posting overseas.

16.4.11A In-country offset - accommodation in China

16.4.12 Proof of travel

16.4.12A Recovery of travel costs

Leave fare examples


This example is to illustrate assisted leave travel approved for a 24-month posting.

Example scenario: A particular posting location lacks suitable shopping and medical facilities, and has a hostile political regime, where members are subject to constant harassment.

It is decided that members require assisted leave travel for all these purposes.

  1. Shopping, once every 12 months.

  2. Medical checkups, once every 12 months.

  3. Relief from the hostile environment, every six months.

Result: The result is that the shopping and checkup needs are met by the same trip, which also provides one of the trips for environmental relief.

At the end of 24 months, the member has taken these three trips.

  1. One trip to a regional leave centre.

  2. Two trips to a relief leave centre.

16.4.14 Alternative leave centre – leave centre ceases to be suitable

16.4.15 Travel by private vehicle

16.4.16 Excess baggage

Pay and conditions manual

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