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6.5.8 Purpose

6.5.8A COVID-19 pandemic – removal assistance payment

6.5.9 Removal of portable household items

6.5.9A Compensation for loss or damage to items removed or stored

6.5.10 Limitation on removals

6.5.10A Limitations on certain items during the COVID-19 pandemic

6.5.11 Items not removed


Examples of items that will not be removed:

  • Flamable items
  • Gas bottles that has not been professionally emptied
  • Firearms
  • Livestock, birds or poultry
  • Plants
  • Stamp and coin collections
  • Private papers (wills, passports)
  • Jewllery
  • Timber
  • Garages or carports
  • Currency

6.5.12 Removal of urgently required items

6.5.12A Insurance for urgently required household items


Example: Urgently required household items might include clothing, crockery, cutlery and any furniture and effects needed for a baby or an invalid.

6.5.13 Hire of replacement household items

6.5.14 Technical help for dismantling and installing items



  1. TV antennae or satellite dishes.
  2. Waterbeds.
  3. Piano tuning.
  4. Security alarm systems.
  5. Window-mounted air conditioners. This includes minor alterations to windows to make an air conditioning unit fit.
  6. Audio visual equipment.
  7. Professional emptying of gas bottles.

Example: A member receives technical help to dismantle a TV antenna. In the new residence, the member chooses to have a different TV antenna installed. The reimbursement is limited to the cost of dismantling the original antenna as the item installed is not the item that was dismantled.

6.5.15 Privately arranged removals – eligibility and conditions for assistance

6.5.16 Privately arranged removals – assistance

6.5.17 Unused removal benefit

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