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9.6.4 Purpose

9.6.5 Member this Part applies to


In the total workforce system, a member on Reserve service may be described as a member in Service category 3, 4 or 5. A member on Service option C is not a member on Reserve service.

9.6.6 Member this Part does not apply to


Example: A member receives executive vehicle allowance. The member applies to use their private vehicle for a five day official trip from Canberra to Nowra. The cost of a hire car is higher than the ordinary vehicle allowance payment. The CDF may approve the payment of ordinary vehicle allowance in addition to the executive vehicle allowance already payable.

9.6.7 Definitions


Examples of greater efficiency from the use of a vehicle paragraph a:

  1. If no public transport is available, or it is not possible to rearrange a duty travel itinerary to make use of public transport.

  2. If Commonwealth transport is not available, or only available from time to time, and the member needs access to suitable transport all the time.

Examples for greater efficiency from the use of a vehicle paragraph b:

  1. If using a Service vehicle unreasonably requires a Service driver to stay on duty outside normal duty hours.

  2. If a Service vehicle is underused for a long time on one task when it was needed somewhere else.

Example for greater efficiency from the use of a vehicle paragraph c:

Using a private vehicle could help avoid undue strain on the member, or their unreasonable absence from home.

9.6.8 Insurance


Vehicle allowance includes a component to cover the costs of both comprehensive and compulsory third party insurance at the rate for private vehicles.

9.6.9 Journey varied or not made


This is subject to Chapter 6 Part 6, which authorised reimbursement of costs that result from cancellation of a posting.

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