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6.5.18 Purpose

6.5.18A Member this Division applies to

6.5.19 Compassionate removal to a family benefit location


Example: A member lives in Wagga Wagga. The member's daughter needs ongoing medical care. That care is only available from a hospital in Melbourne. The family decides that they should move to a family benefit location (Melbourne). The member may be eligible for a removal under this section.

Non-Example: A member needs child care for their young child. The member would like their mother to provide that care, while the member works. The member's mother lives in another city. The member's mother is not the only source of child care available. Alternative child care could be found at the member's location. The member is not eligible for a removal under this section.

6.5.19A Removal to a family benefit location for employment or study


Example: A member and their resident family and recognised other persons live in Canberra. The member's Service location is Adelaide, but the member's partner gets a job in Melbourne. The family benefit location is closer to Adelaide and meets the distance requirements.


Example: The member is due to commence in a new Service location on 1 July. The member's partner is to commence employment at the family benefit location on 16 March. It is reasonable for the early removal of the family's possessions to allow the member's partner to commence their employment.

6.5.20 Removal to a family benefit location instead of a housing benefit location in a remote location

6.5.21 Removal to family benefit location on seagoing posting

6.5.22 Removal of resident family to a member’s housing benefit location


If a member was not provided a removal or only a partial removal, the member is not eligible for a removal under this section.

Example: A member's recognised partner moved away from the member's Service location because they wanted to live somewhere else. The family paid for the removal. The member is posted to a new Service location, and the recognised partner decides to rejoin the member. The Commonwealth does not provide a removal for the recognised partner to move to the member's new housing benefit location.

Resident family overseas


A member is not eligible for a removal for resident family that live overseas.

Note: A member recruited overseas to work in Australia may be eligible for an initial removal to Australia under section 14.3.13.

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