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2.2.1 Purpose


Further support is available to transitioning members on a needs basis, Your Transition.

2.2.2 Definitions

2.2.3 Member this Part applies to


Example: A member who is recalled to render service and is transferred from SERCAT 2 to SERCAT 3 for the purpose of an Operation will become eligible for transition support under this Part. The member will become eligible on transfer back to SERCAT 2 at the end of the service commitment.


A member who holds a star rank who is receiving transition benefits under CDF Directive on Senior Officer Management No. 20/2005 is eligible for assistance under this Part.

2.2.4 Member this Part does not apply to

2.2.5 Career transition training


For reimbursement to be valid approval must occur before engaging a third party service provider.

The purpose of the career transition training benefit is not to cover, or contribute to, any of the following items:

  1. Books

  2. Equipment or materials

  3. Conferences or workshops

  4. Memberships for professional organisations or trade unions


Where a member has secured employment not related to their post-transition goals, CTT funding will be considered on a case by case basis.


The training required by a franchiser for the purpose of establishing a franchise is regarded as a capital expense in establishing the business. Members may use Approved Absence to undertake this type of training as on-the-job experience.


Additional training may be recommended by a transition coach within the $5,320 or that is available under the Defence Force Transition Program or through CAMPUS. 

The member is responsible for any training costs over this amount.

2.2.6 Assistance for professional financial advice


For reimbursement to be valid approval must occur before engaging the third party.


A list of financial advisors is provided by the ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre.

2.2.7 Travel and accommodation


A member is not eligible for travel and accommodation costs for either of the following.

  1. Attendance at an overseas training activity.

  2. For family members who accompany the member.

2.2.8 Transition absence


Examples: On the job experience, career fairs and job interviews.


Examples: House hunting, school interviews, appointments with Services Australia, the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation and the Department of Veterans' Affairs.


Evidence of transition related administrative activities must be provided with your application. Evidence may be appointment confirmation correspondence or a statutory declaration.

2.2.9 How to apply for transition assistance and transition absence


The approved forms are as follows:

  1. PMKeYS.

  2. AC853-3 - Defence Force Transition Program Application.

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