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7.7.1 Purpose

7.7.3 Definitions

7.7.4 Member who is eligible

7.7.5 Member not eligible

7.7.6 Member ceases to be eligible


In the total workforce system, continuous full-time service may be described as service in Service category 6 or 7. A member who is in Service category 3, 4 or 5 and Service option C is also on continuous full-time service.

7.7.7 Members sharing accommodation

7.7.8 Member gains accompanied resident family


Examples: The member's partner moves in. The member becomes a guardian to a child.

  1. If the accommodation is suitable for the member, their accompanied resident family and recognised other persons the member must do either of the following.

    1. Apply to the CDF to allow the accompanied resident family to live in the accommodation.

    2. Relocate to a Service residence or rent allowance property at the member's own expense.

  2. If the accommodation is not suitable for the member, accompanied resident family and recognised other person, or if the application under subparagraph a.i is refused, relocate to suitable housing in the posting location.

7.7.9 Storage of furniture and effects

7.7.10 Advances and repayments

7.7.11 Effect on accommodation when a member is deployed


The list of deployments approved by the Minister is available in Annex 17.1.A (PDF 124KB).

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