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7.1.14 Definitions


Example for Date of purchase: The member formally exchanges contracts.

Example for Own home and 'ownership' point b: Three members buy an equal third share in a home. They rent it out when posted out of the home's location. When one of the members returns to the home's location, the member is taken to own the home.

Example 1 for Own home and 'ownership' point c: The member is the sole beneficiary of a trust. Their dependant is the trustee who holds the legal title. The home is still the member's because they have an equitable interest in it.

Example 2 for Own hone and 'ownership' point c: The member's home is mortgaged to a lender. The member is still taken to own the home even though the lender also has an interest in it.

Note for Resident child carer: A resident child carer is not provided at Commonwealth expense. This relationship is an arrangement between the member and the child carer.

Note for Serviced apartment: As a guide, these would be regarded as suitable cooking and dining facilities.

  1. A kitchen separate from bedrooms.
  2. A stove with two rings and an oven.
  3. A microwave.
  4. A suitable sized refrigerator.
  5. A sink for washing dishes, with hot water supply.
  6. A pantry or other food storage area.
  7. Enough pots, pans, cutlery and crockery for the member or dependants.
  8. A dining table and dining chairs.

7.1.15 Posting location


Examples for table item 10:

  1. A member is posted to Newcastle. They are given permission to live at Singleton. Their posting location extends to Singleton. They are only eligible for the rent ceiling for Singleton as it has the lower rent ceiling.

  2. A member is posted to Singleton. They are given permission to live in Newcastle. Their posting location extends to Newcastle. They are still only eligible for the rent ceiling for Singleton, as it has the lower rent ceiling.

Note: For table item 4, the list of deployments approved by the Minister is available in Annex 17.1.A (PDF 124KB).

7.1.16A Puckapunyal housing trial

7.1.16B Flexible housing trial member

7.1.17 Suitable accommodation

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