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6.5.84 Purpose

6.5.85 Benefit for dependants


In the total workforce system, the Permanent Forces may be said to comprise members in Service categories 6 and 7. A member of the Reserves on continuous full-time service may be described as a member in Service category 3, 4 or 5 and Service option C.

Example for Item 7: Correspondence with real estate agents.


It does not matter whether the items were originally removed and stored at Commonwealth or private expense.

6.5.86 Removal in Australia on death of member without dependants


Removal arrangements need to be made in association with Service Instructions about a deceased member's effects.

6.5.87 Limits on removals following death of a member

Pay and conditions manual

Visit the Afghanistan Inquiry website for information and welfare support regarding The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force’s (IGADF) Afghanistan Inquiry.