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This Part includes the following Parts and Divisions.

From DFRT Determination No. 11 of 2013

Part A Administration

Part B General Disability Allowances

  Division B.3 Separation allowance

  Division B.4 Adventurous training instructor allowance

  Division B.5 Arduous conditions instructor allowance

  Division B.6 Diving allowance

  Division B.7 Flying disability allowance

  Division B.8 Submarine escape disability allowance

  Division B.9 Maritime disability allowance

  Division B.10 Boarding party allowance

  Division B.12 Special Forces disability allowance

  Division B.13 Field allowance

  Division B.14 Clearance diver allowance

  Division B.15 Unpredictable explosives allowance

  Division B.16 Paratrooper allowance

  Division B.17 Recruit instructor disability allowance

Annex 4.2.A Adventurous training instructor allowance

Part C Sustainment Allowances

  Division C.1 Maritime sustainability allowance

  Division C.2 Special Forces sustainability allowance

  Division C.3 Recruit instructor sustainability allowance

Part D Other Allowances

  Division D.1 Submarine capability assurance payment

  Division D.2 Navy retention incentive payment

  Division D.3 Reserve payment

Part E Savings and transitional arrangements

Part F Allowance Rates (PDF 75KB)

  Table 1 General allowance rates

  Table 2 Quarantined disability allowance rates

Section notes

Pay and conditions manual

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