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8.4.8 Purpose

8.4.8A School changes that apply to this Division

8.4.9 Member this Division applies to

8.4.10 One-on-one tutoring

8.4.11 Web-based tutoring

8.4.12 Conditions for reimbursement to member

8.4.13 Payments to tutor

8.4.14 Children with special needs


Examples: Is Year 11 and 12 offered? Is assessment by coursework, exams or a combination?


8.4.15 Education assistance extension

Applying for education assistance


The approved forms to apply for education assistance outlined in this Division are as follows.

  1. PMKeyS.
  2. Form AD301 - Application for education assistance – Tutoring.
  3. Form AF170 - Application for help with the cost of special needs education assistance.
  4. Form AE931 - Application for help with the cost of a loss of scholarship.

Pay and conditions manual


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