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15.4.5 Purpose

15.4.6 Housing benefits


Example for Item 1: A member posted as Head Australian Defence Staff in Washington DC, London or Jakarta.

Example for Item 2: A member posted to Port Moresby.

Example for Item 3: A member posted overseas to undertake language training with the Royal Air Force.



A member may be required to pay a contribution towards the rent under Division 4.

15.4.7 Rental bond advance – USA, Canada and UK


Note: This means that the member must repay the Commonwealth any difference between the amount advanced and the amount the landlord has returned to the member.

Example: The member received a rental bond of US 2,000 which was paid to the landlord at the beginning of the lease. When the member leaves the residence the landlord claims there was US 500 of damage to the property. The member receives US 1,500 back from the landlord. The member must pay the remaining US 500.

15.4.8 Costs incurred under terms of occupancy


The Commonwealth is not a party to a private lease that the member enters into unless it has become a party to the lease by agreement in writing.

15.4.9 Dispute about damage to property


Example: The member reported a faulty water heater but the landlord took no steps to fix it. The water heater flooded the home and damaged the carpet. The member had taken steps to prevent the damage and did not cause it.

Non-example: If the member failed to take steps to prevent their child from kicking holes in walls, then the member's negligence could be seen to have caused the damage.

15.4.10 Changing housing during posting

15.4.11 Housing becomes unavailable or unfit

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