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7.8.19 Rent allowance - General

7.8.20 Rent allowance - sharing a home

7.8.21 House-sitter for absent member

7.8.22 Resident child carer

7.8.23 Home is sublet

7.8.25 Furniture rental


Example: A member who enters a 'rent-to-buy' scheme to get a refrigerator cannot count that cost as rent.


Example: The member owns two microwaves. It is reasonable for the member to take one of them to the rented home and leave one with their unaccompanied resident family.

7.8.26 Major General – reduced rent allowance

7.8.27 Member promoted


Example: A member is promoted from Captain to Major and applies to the Defence Housing Australia to have their rent allowance adjusted to the rent allowance ceiling for a Major. They would also pay the contribution for a Major.

7.8.28 Member reduced in rank

7.8.29 Changing homes at the housing benefit location or family benefit location

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