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7.8.19 Working out rent allowance

7.8.20 Shared home

7.8.21 House-sitter for absent member

7.8.22 Resident child carer

7.8.23 Home is sublet

7.8.24 Allowance and contribution for dependant who is also a member

7.8.25 Furniture rental


Example: A member who enters a 'rent-to-buy' scheme to get a refrigerator cannot count that cost as rent.


Example: The member owns two microwaves. It is reasonable for the member to take one of them to the rented home and leave one with their dependants.

7.8.26 Major General – reduced rent allowance

7.8.27 Member promoted


Example: A member is promoted from Captain to Major and applies to the Defence Housing Australia to have their rent allowance adjusted to the rent allowance ceiling for a Major. They would also pay the contribution for a Major.

7.8.28 Member reduced in rank

7.8.29 Changing homes at the posting location

Pay and conditions manual

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