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5.4.9 Purpose

5.4.11 How additional leave accrues


Example: A member becomes eligible to accrue additional recreation leave for field service when they become eligible for payment of field allowance under Military Factor. The credit would begin to accrue from the first day that the member gets the allowance.


Example 1: Additional recreation leave accrues at a rate of 10 days a year when a member is on an annual rate of accrual. Additional recreation leave accrues at the higher rate of one day of leave for every 10 days of duty when a member is on an 'on-occurrence' (daily) rate of accrual.

A member could be eligible to get an annual and an 'on-occurrence' rate of additional recreation leave credit under sections 5.4.13, 5.4.14, 5.4.15 or 5.4.16, for the same day. Instead of getting both amounts, the member would get the credit at the on-occurrence (daily) rate only, because it is the higher of the two rates.

Example 2: A member may perform flight duties for a 10-day period while they are posted to a ship. During those 10 days, the member accrues one day of additional recreation leave for flight duties (the daily rate of accrual), instead of their usual annual rate of accrual for sea service.

5.4.12 Maximum annual credit for sea service, field service, flight duties and special service


Example: A member accrues five days of additional recreation leave credit for flight duties under section 5.4.15. They then accrue five days of additional recreation leave credit for sea service under section 5.4.13. They have accrued 10 days' additional recreation leave credit. This is their maximum for the leave year. The member will not accrue any further credit for the eligible service they perform under sections 5.4.13, 5.4.14, 5.4.15 and 5.4.16, for the rest of the year.

5.4.13 Sea service

5.4.14 Field service


Example 1: A member receives the daily rate of special forces disability allowance for 10 days. They then receive field allowance for 10 days. They will have accrued the allowances over 20 days. They will be entitled to two days of additional recreation leave.

Example 2: A member is entitled to field allowance for 100 days between 1 July and 30 March. They accrue 10 days of additional leave for it. They get field allowance for a further 20 days from 30 March to 30 June. They do not accrue any more leave for those 20 days.

5.4.15 Flight duties

5.4.16 Special service

5.4.17 Service in a remote location

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