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7.2.14 Purpose

7.2.15 Member to include release clause in lease

7.2.16 Member waiting for a tenant to leave their home


Example: A member has rented out their home for a fixed term of 12 months. A release clause is included in the lease. It provides that the lease can be ended with two months' notice. The home's location becomes the member's housing benefit location seven months into the lease. They must wait two months before they can live in the home. They are eligible for housing assistance for the period that their home is unsuitable.

7.2.17 CDF discretion to grant assistance


If the CDF refuses housing assistance to a member, the member may be able to occupy a home provided by Defence Housing Australia though a private arrangement. No rent assistance would be available to the member while the member is not eligible for housing assistance.

7.2.18 Home leased for commercial purposes


Example: A member leases their home to the Defence Housing Australia for it to use as a Service residence for five years.

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