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Members are to follow the travel policy in relation to the use of the Defence Travel card published on TravelConnect.

9.5.13 Purpose

9.5.14 Member this Division applies to


In the total workforce system, this includes a member in any Service category, except Service category 1.

9.5.15 Meaning of normal accommodation stock

9.5.16 Accommodation while living out on a journey


Example: A member is to travel to Townsville. There are several hotels in normal accommodation stock in Townsville. The member makes a choice, and uses that accommodation. The member pays for it with the Defence travel card.

Non-example: A member is to travel to Townsville. The member looks at the Townsville hotels in normal accommodation stock and prefers another hotel. The member cannot book in the other hotel instead. The member must use a Townsville hotel in normal accommodation stock.


Example: A member needs to travel to Townsville at short notice. There are no rooms in normal accommodation stock available as they have all been booked. The member asks the service provider if there is accommodation available in Townsville that is not in normal accommodation stock. The service provider is able to supply a room, at greater cost to Defence. As the member needs to travel, the CDF approves the more expensive accommodation. The member uses the Defence travel card to pay for the room.


Example: A member is at a remote airport late at night and the airline advises the plane has been delayed until morning. The member tries to contact the contracted service provider but fails. The member chooses to use a nearby motel which is not supplied by the contracted service provider. The CDF approves the use of the motel.

Non-example: A member has found accommodation that is slightly cheaper than normal accommodation stock. Not using the contracted service provider undermines the Commonwealth's contractual obligations. The CDF does not approve the use of the accommodation.

9.5.17 Meals and incidentals while living out on a journey


Example: A member who stays with relatives.

9.5.18 Limits on payment for accommodation and meals


Example for paragraph a: A member who travelled by air would not be eligible for an amount for a meal provided during a flight on an aircraft chartered by Defence. However, the member would be eligible for an amount for a meal period during which the member was on an ordinary commercial flight. This is because the meals provided on commercial flights are not of a consistent standard and may not be made available on turbulent flights.

Example for paragraph b: The member is not eligible for breakfast if it was provided as part of an accommodation tariff.


Example: A member who stayed privately with a friend or relative during a travel period would not be eligible to use cash withdrawn from the travel card to pay their friend or relative for the accommodation.

9.5.19 When there is no eligibility for incidentals


Example: A member who is not entitled to field allowance may be eligible for incidentals if they meet either of these conditions.


Non-examples: A member would not be eligible for incidentals in any of these situations.

  1. They travel on a journey which has not been approved as being at Commonwealth expense. For example, as a voluntary exchange of postings with another member.

  2. They break the journey for personal reasons.

  3. They are on recreation leave travel under Part 4 Division 1 of this Chapter.

  4. They are posted to the location where they are already serving on temporary duty, from the date the posting takes effect.

9.5.20 Member occupying living-in accommodation

9.5.21 Keeping accommodation while occupying living-in accommodation on temporary duty

9.5.22 Travel for more than 21 days

9.5.23 Limits on travel costs for journey longer than 21 days

9.5.24 Accommodation and meals for resident family

9.5.25 Incidentals for a member on a course

9.5.26 Overnight stay following a period of Reserve service


In the total workforce system, a member on Reserve service may be described as a member in Service category 3, 4 or 5. A member on Service option C is not a member on Reserve service.

9.5.27 Eligibility for incidentals at annual Reserve camp

9.5.28 Recall from recreation leave or long service leave

9.5.29 Additional payment toward travelling costs

9.5.30 End of eligibility



  1. A member must confirm their costs on the travel card using the Defence travel card management system. They must do this within 28 days after they end their travel.

  2. If the member has spent more on the travel card than they were eligible for (including any extra amount approved by CDF), they must repay the difference.

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