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7.4.8 Member who is required to occupy living in accommodation


A member may not be able to perform their duties and there may be administrative or disciplinary consequences associated if all of the following apply.

  1. The member is required to occupy living-in accommodation to meet an operational requirement inherent in their duties.
  2. The member is not permitted to occupy living-in accommodation because of their failure to comply with reasonable conditions.

7.4.9 Member who may choose to live in


Example: A Service residence.


Example: The member has a licence to live in for 12 months. Eight months into the period, the CDF revokes the licence to live in and the notice specifies that the members licence will cease in one month.

7.4.10 Member with suitable accommodation who chooses to live in


Example: A member whose relationship breaks down may choose to live in while they work out arrangements for reconciliation or final separation.

Non-example: A member cannot choose to occupy living-in accommodation if they have a suitable own home in the housing benefit location and decide to rent it out.

7.4.11 Living-in accommodation not available

7.4.12 Responsibility for living-in accommodation


Note: This written acknowledgement makes the member the custodian of the living-in accommodation that they occupy, for the purposes of section 68 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.


Example 1: The member has intentionally, carelessly or negligently caused damage to any part of the living-in accommodation. The member decides to hang a picture, while hammering in a nail the hammer goes into the wall and leaves a large hole. The member must pay for the repair to the wall.

Example 2: The member lets a person stay in the living-in accommodation without Defence permission. The person breaks a window in the member's room. The cost of replacing the glass may be recovered from the member.

Non-example: Damage caused by fair wear and tear.

7.4.13 Condition reports


Example: The member receives a report stating that the condition of the paint on the walls is good. They believe this is not true and feels that the condition of the paint is poor. The member writes on the report that he believes the condition of the painting is different to that in the report and the reasons why. They then sign the report and return it to an accommodation manager.


Example: A member is on duty at a base in a location other than their housing benefit location, and will occupy living-in accommodation on that base for two nights. The accommodation manager decides that the member does not need to sign a condition report for the room the member will be occupying for those two nights.

7.4.14 Revoking a licence to live in


Non-example: The member is sick in hospital. The member's partner advises Defence that the member is in hospital and is unable to occupy the living-in accommodation. The member retains the accommodation.


Example: A member accidentally damages a wall in their accommodation and does not report the damage for a week. The member has been in the living-in accommodation for two years with no other incidents occurring. The CDF takes these facts into consideration when deciding on whether or not to end the member's licence to live in.

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