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  1. This Division contains an overview of benefits for members who join the ADF.

  2. The ADF Pay and Conditions for Members and Families website is a first point of reference to learn about how the conditions of service package works. The Members and Families website is not a legal authority, but is written to help members understand ADF conditions of service. It does not give detailed information, only an overview. Most ADF conditions are given legal authority by the determinations published in this manual.



A member who is enlisted, appointed or promoted to a particular rank is entitled to salary at the minimum rate in the salary scale for the rank. In some situations, a salary above the minimum may be approved.



A member may be provided with housing assistance throughout their career. The member has to pay standard rates of contribution towards the cost, wherever they are posted. The assistance received will depend on rank, dependant status and the type of housing provided.

Exception: Housing assistance is not provided to members who own a suitable home in their posting location.



ADF members are required to advise Defence, through their Commanding Officer whether or not they have recognised family or recognised other persons. Many conditions of service will differ depending on whether or not a member has recognised family or recognised other persons. This information is used only to decide what conditions of service the member is eligible for.

Pay and conditions manual


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