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8.4.4 Purpose


Section 1.6.1 deals with situations where a member's adult resident family is also a member, and they would both be eligible for education assistance for a child. Only one of the members is eligible.

Policy principles behind education assistance

  1. The aim is to provide the student with limited interim assistance to help avoid or overcome any immediate difficulties with the child's education and emotional well-being as a direct result of a posting.

  2. The child may continue to have education-related difficulties after the application of basic and extended education assistance provisions. In these cases, the policy intention is that the member should take responsibility for any further costs associated with additional assistance that may be required.

8.4.5 Definitions

8.4.6 Changes to eligibility periods


Examples: Are Years 11 and 12 offered? Is assessment by coursework, exams or a combination?

8.4.7 Assistance in special circumstances

Travel benefits related to education assistance


For travel benefits related to education assistance, see the following provisions in Chapter 9, ADF travel in Australia.

Travel benefits
Topic Reference
Reunion travel for school students Chapter 9 Part 3 Division 5
Student reunion travel to members in remote locations Chapter 9 Part 3 Division 6
Reunion travel for tertiary students Chapter 9 Part 3 Division 7

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