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17.2.1 Purpose

17.2.1A Period of eligibility

Members under the age of 18

  1. Members under the age of 18 are not to deploy to operational areas.

  2. This exclusion is part of the United Nations Human Rights Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict.

  3. These members are managed in accordance with the Military Personnal Policy Manual Part 7 Chapter 2: Management and administration of Defence members under 18 years of age.

Philanthropic representatives

  1. A philanthropic representative is someone such as a member of the Salvation Army.

  2. They are officially recognised on a deployment but do not receive a salary from the ADF. Salaries are paid by the organisation they represent.

  3. They may be eligible for most benefits except the following.

    1. Home loans assistance.

    2. Deployment allowance.

  4. The deploying Service headquarters will liaise with the philanthropic organisation about the administrative arrangements.

Exchange personnel

  1. Exchange personnel from other countries can be on exchange with the ADF and deploy with their host unit. They are not eligible for the ADF conditions of service package.

  2. The parent country of these personnel is responsible for establishing and providing their own conditions of service for the deployment.

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