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9.4.5 Purpose

9.4.5A Members this Division applies to

9.4.6 Eligibility for recreation leave travel within Australia


1. The approval of recreation leave travel is dependent on the member having recreation travel leave trips under sections 9.4.8 or 9.4.9 available.
2. Rules for the grant of recreation leave travel for members with nominated family overseas are provided in section 9.4.14.

9.4.7 Recreation leave travel benefit

9.4.8 Number of recreation leave travel trips


Section 9.4.4A limits the number of recreation leave travel, reunion travel, and remote location leave travel trips to a combined total of seven in a 12 month period.  

A member who has been provided a recreation leave travel trip as a trainee in the current financial year, is not eligible for the benefit until the following financial year.

9.4.9 Travel in advance of eligibility

9.4.10 Excess travel costs


The member's payment is to be credited to the appropriate cost code for their travel.

9.4.11 Offset of benefit for travel to alternative destination


Example: AA member is on posting in Sydney. The nominated family (their parents) normally live in Brisbane but are currently on a caravanning holiday in northern Australia. The member flies from Sydney to Cairns to join their parents, travels with them to Darwin while on leave, and returns by air from Darwin to Sydney. The member is eligible for an amount equal to what Defence would have paid for an economy return air ticket from Sydney to Brisbane.

9.4.12 Vehicle allowance for trip to transport terminal


Example: For a member in Nowra, Bomaderry railway station for transport to Sydney Airport.


Example: Cab charge.

9.4.13 Transfer of benefit

9.4.14 Member with family overseas


The nearest international terminal may include Darwin.

9.4.15 Recreation leave travel – trainees


Example: The member applies to return home during an Easter course break.

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