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7.4.37 Purpose

7.4.38 Basis


Example for On-board member: On-shore accommodation could be living-in accommodation, a Service residence or a home for which the member gets rent allowance.

Example for Shore member: Living-in accommodation, Service residence or home for which the member gets rent allowance.

7.4.40 Member this Division applies to

7.4.42 Licence to live on a ship

7.4.43 Accommodation on board for seagoing member


Example 1: A minor war vessel is alongside in the home port. The crew are not permitted to live on board. The vessel is always uninhabitable. A member cannot choose to live on board.

Example 2: A major war vessel is temporarily uninhabitable. It stays this way for over six months. The crew is normally allowed to live on board. While the ship is uninhabitable, the crew is not allowed to live on board. No-one can choose to live on board in this period.

7.4.44 Accommodation ashore for seagoing member

7.4.45 Contributions for accommodation ashore – who has no resident family or recognised other persons

7.4.46 Contributions for accommodation ashore – ship uninhabitable


Example: A ship may be uninhabitable when members are not permitted to live in it because it is alongside for maintenance or in refit.

7.4.47 Accommodation and contributions for seagoing member on temporary duty

7.4.48 Food allowance for seagoing member in temporary accommodation ashore

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