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1.1.1 Overview

  1. Chapter 1 is essential reading for any user of this Manual.

  2. Reading Chapter 1 is the first step towards achieving these goals.

    1. For members – understanding their pay and conditions benefits and the obligations that go with them.

    2. For Commanding Officers and managers – understanding the framework of conditions of service that applies to the members they are responsible for.

    3. For administrators – making the right decisions and getting the best results for members in the quickest time.

    4. For other persons – understanding their benefits and the obligations that go with them.

      Examples: Conditions are paid to former members, or to a member's partner.

  3. Chapter 1 sets out these important matters.

    1. It defines terms and basic concepts used throughout Chapters 2 to 17.

    2. It explains equivalent ranks and classifications across the three Services and the APS.

    3. It sets out a member's rights and obligations that must be met when they have an entitlement or benefit.

Pay and conditions manual

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