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From DFRT Determination No. 2 of 2017

B.2.1 Purpose

B.2.2 Member this Division applies to

B.2.3 Pay grade for an officer


Schedule B.2

  • Part 1: All Services
  • Part 2: Navy
  • Part 3: Army
  • Part 4: Air Force

B.2.4 Rate of salary for an officer

B.2.5 Rate of salary on becoming an officer


Notes for table item 1

  1. For any period when salary is payable to the member under Schedule B.4, the member is not paid under Schedule B.3.

  2. If the member is promoted to a rank that is not included in Schedule B.4, the member continues to be paid the rate of salary, as adjusted from time-to-time, that applied to the member before the member was promoted.

Notes for table items 1, 2 and 3

  1. For the period that the member receives salary under item 1.a, 2.b or 3.b, the member is still taken to hold the pay grade that applies under section B.2.3.

  2. The member's eligibility for pay under this section ends on the day that the rate of salary that would be payable to the member under Schedule B.3 is higher than the rate payable to the member under Schedule B.4.

Pay and conditions manual


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