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15.6.7 Member this Division applies to

15.6.8 Initial enrolment fees

15.6.9 Compulsory examination fees

15.6.10 Compulsory tuition fees

15.6.11 Member contribution

15.6.12 Excess school transport costs

15.6.13 Language and communication tuition

15.6.14 Remedial tuition


The education assistance under this section is designed to address the student’s immediate academic difficulties associated with the disruption caused by the transition to the overseas posting location. It is limited and only intended to assist students in achieving a satisfactory level of academic performance, not to enhance the student’s grades or to cover intensive pre‑examination tutoring. As such, if the student continues to experience academic difficulties despite the remedial tuition hours already provided, any further costs would be the member’s responsibility.

15.6.15 Summer school costs

15.6.16 Summer camps – Manhattan Island

15.6.17 Child leaves Australia to attend school at posting location overseas

15.6.17A Mandatory COVID-19 testing

Pay and conditions manual


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