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5.11.3 Purpose

5.11.4 Decision-maker and time limits

5.11.5 Approval of absence


Non-examples: Short absence cannot be granted for any purpose other than the two listed above. Examples of other reasons where short absence from duty cannot be granted are as follows.

    1. As a reward for a job well done.

    2. To attend to urgent personal requirements when there was no Service requirement stopping the member from doing the task in their own time.



    1. Recreation leave might be reasonable in a range of situations, for example if a member has a recreation leave credit and who needs to attend to a personal issue.

    2. Carer's leave is reasonable to use to care for a sick dependant.

    3. Maternity or parental leave is reasonable to use following the birth of a child.

Non-example: Recreation leave would not be reasonable for a member who needs to be absent for less than a day. Recreation leave cannot be granted for less than a day. 

5.11.6 Short absence from duty and additional recreation leave


Example: A member performs field service and accrues two days of additional recreation leave. The member's supervisor believes the member needs three days of recovery time. No other appropriate leave exists. The member's supervisor grants one day of short absence from duty.

5.11.7 Conditions on grant of absence


Example: A member cannot take short absence from duty straight after an event due to debriefing requirements. The debriefing takes two days. After the debriefing the member can be approved short absence from duty, if the member still needs to rest and recover.

Non-example: A member would like to "save" their short absence from duty. They hope to use it for a family function a week after the event that the absence was granted for. The member is not granted short absence from duty, as the absence must be taken as soon as Service requirements allow.


Example: A member is granted one day, five hours of short absence from duty. One day is recorded on PMKeyS.

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