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7.4.A.1 What is a licence to live in?

7.4.A.2 What you get

7.4.A.3 What you must do and not do

7.4.A.4 What happens if you don't comply with the conditions of the licence

7.4.A.5 Member must comply with the conditions in this form

7.4.A.6 Start of a licence to live in


Example: The member receives a report stating that the condition of the paint on the walls is good. They believe this is not true and feels that the condition of the paint is poor. The member writes on the report that they believe the condition of the painting is different to that in the report and the reasons why. The member then signs the report and returns it to Defence.

7.4.A.7 Permitted use


Example: This might happen if the living-in accommodation is a shared room.

7.4.A.8 Care of the living-in accommodation

7.4.A.9 Conduct and values



  1. Any standing orders issued by the Commanding Officer relating to the living-in accommodation.

  2. An accommodation handbook issued by the accommodation manager.

7.4.A.10 Conduct - animals

7.4.A.11 Conduct - damage

7.4.A.12 Conduct - disturbance


Examples: Playing loud music late at night, causing mess in common areas and failing to clean it up.


Examples: Windows, balconies, verandas, covered ways, drives, walks, gardens, car ports, the roof.


Examples: Leaving bicycles in hallways and common areas, stacking boxes near fire exit doors.

7.4.A.13 Conduct - lighting, heating and cooking



  1. A member in Level 5 accommodation has a sandwich maker in a kitchenette.

  2. A member is permitted to use a lamp designed for decoration or reading.



  1. A member uses a candle and the smoke sets off the fire alarms in the building. The member must pay for the call out of the fire brigade.

  2. A member uses an open grill to cook in their room which sets off the fire alarms. The member must pay for the call out of the fire brigade.

7.4.A.14 Conduct - security

7.4.A.15 Conduct - smoking

7.4.A.16 Conduct - vehicles


Example: Maintenance or storage of an engine in a member's room.

7.4.A.17 Conduct - visitors

7.4.A.18 Access to a member's room


Non-example: The member is on deployment or leave and will be absent at the time the cleaning or maintenance will be conducted. Notice has been given but the member will not receive the notice until after the maintenance has been completed.

7.4.A.19 Swapping rooms



  1. A member cannot allow a friend to use their room and make that friend responsible for the room.

  2. A member cannot allow another member to use their room and make that member responsible for the room.

7.4.A.20 Moving furniture and fittings


Example to the exception: A member who takes a chair to another member's room so they can work on a joint assignment, and then returns it.


Example to the exception: The member borrows a vacuum cleaner to clean their room and returns it on the same day.

7.4.A.21 Absence from the accommodation


Example: The member is going on deployment or leave.

7.4.A.22 When a licence to live in ends

7.4.A.23 Vacating the accommodation


Examples: The rooms they live in and use, carport, storage areas.

7.4.A.24 What happens if a member fails to comply with this Annex

7.4.A.25 Disputes


Example: The garbage in the common rooms is not being cleared on a regular basis and the member raises this issue with the accommodation manager.

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