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5.9.11 Purpose

5.9.12 Carer's leave


Example: A member's child is too sick for school from Friday until Tuesday morning. The member usually works Mondays to Fridays. The member uses two days of carer's leave to care for the child on Friday and Monday. The member still has another eight days of carer's leave for later in the financial year, should the member need it.


Example: Medical certificate.

5.9.12A Additional carer's leave

5.9.12B Additional carer's leave - dual serving couples


Example: The partner of a member is away at sea on a long term deployment. While they are away the member living in the home port has used their 10 days carers leave and applies for more carers leave to care for their sick child. As their partner is away at sea and is unable to return home, the member is approved additional carers leave.

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