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14.6.4 Member this Division applies to


Examples: Environmental hazard or civil unrest.

Note: Evacuations may not necessarily be to Australia. They are generally temporary, with the intention of returning to the posting location. Detailed administrative instructions will accompany the authorisation to evacuate.

14.6.4A Member this Division does not apply to

14.6.5 Period of evacuation

14.6.6 Transport for evacuation

14.6.7 Accommodation and meals during evacuation

14.6.8 Conditions of service during evacuation

14.6.9 Overseas living allowances

14.6.10 Purchase of clothes during evacuation

14.6.11 Storage during evacuation

14.6.12 Health assistance

14.6.13 Education assistance during evacuation

14.6.14 Reunion visits during evacuation

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