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7.6.56 No Service residence available

7.6.57 Member rejects a reasonable offer

7.6.58 Member buys a suitable own home


Example: The member applied for a removal well in advance of the uplift date. The removal truck broke down on the day and the removal had to be rescheduled for the next week. The CDF approved a longer period because the member exceeded the seven day limit under paragraph 2.b for reasons beyond their control.

Non-example: The member purchased a suitable home but then delayed asking the approved service provider for a removal. When the member did ask for a removal, the removalist was booked for three weeks in advance and so the removal could not occur within the seven days after settlement. The member would exceed the limit under paragraph 2.b. for reasons within their own control.

7.6.59 Dependants or adult children not at the Service residence


Example: A member becomes a member without dependants because their spouse dies and they have no children.

7.6.60 Member dies


Note: Defence Housing Australia must notify the occupants of a Service residence in writing 28 days before they must leave the Service residence.

7.6.61 Member keeps a Service residence at losing location


Example for Item 1: The member is staying in temporary accommodation while they wait for a suitable Service residence or rented home at the new posting location.

7.6.62 Rejecting a Service residence – effect on temporary accommodation allowance

7.6.63 Special conditions on separation – statutory appointees


In the total workforce system, a member of the Permanent Force may be described as a member in Service category 6 or 7.

7.6.64 Dependants at a personal location for member on a seagoing posting

Pay and conditions manual

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