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5.5.24 Member this Division does not apply to

5.5.25 Eligibility for payment instead of long service leave

5.5.26 Calculation of the payment



A member has 12 years, 3 months total service.

Credit for 12 years of service is 3.6 months.

Credit for 3 months of service is 0.075 months

Total is 3.675 months.

If the member has never taken any long service leave, this is the member's credit to be paid out.

5.5.27 Member on higher duties, temporary or acting rank


Example: A member performs higher duties and then holds acting rank. These periods can be added together to confirm whether they have met the time requirements in subsection 1.


Example: For the year before the member's resignation, a Captain had higher duties as a Major for six months, and as a Lieutenant Colonel for six months. Payment instead of long service leave will be at the Major salary rate

5.5.29 Transfer of long service leave credits

Pay and conditions manual


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