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4.1.8 Higher duties position within member's pay schedule

4.1.9 Higher duties position outside member's pay schedule

4.1.10 Higher duties within the Officer Aviation Pay Structure

4.1.11 Higher duties within the specialist career structure


To avoid doubt, this section applies to Medical, Legal, Dental, Chaplain and Maritime Spiritual Wellbeing officers.


The rate of higher duties allowance for Medical Officers is calculated at the same Military Medical Level and increment at their worn rank.

Example: If a Captain who is a medical officer is being paid at Military Medical Level 3 increment 3 the rate of higher duties allowance will be at the Major Military Medical Level 3 increment 3.

4.1.12 Member performing duties of a Warrant Officer Class 1

4.1.13 Member to which salary non-reduction applies

4.1.14 Member who held an enlisted rank immediately before becoming an officer

4.1.15 Member performing duties of a corporal - Army

4.1.16 Member performing duties of a Brigadier or higher


An ADF instrument of acting appointment is sometimes called a 'standing acting arrangement'.

4.1.17 Member performing duties of an APS employee or foreign military force position



  1. An exchange position with a foreign military force.

  2. A member deployed overseas in a position with a multinational force under an operational directive.

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