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  1. This Part provides a summary of benefits a non-Service partner may be eligible for on the breakdown of their marriage or partnership. This Part does not apply to partners who are members themselves.

  2. The information in this Part is a guide only. For full conditions, use the links to other relevant chapters.

  3. As a general rule, ADF conditions of service for resident family are paid to the member. Only members can apply and it is up to them to use the payments to take care of their dependant's needs.

  4. In this Part, these conditions are different. The partner of an ADF member may apply for the condition. If approved, the partner is eligible for the benefit, not the member.

    Note: This does not apply to a partner overseas.

  5. A partner may get assistance with removal and travel costs.

  6. These benefits will only be paid once.

  7. A partner is likely to be less familiar with ADF processes than members. They may need additional help to make an application.

What is a relationship breakdown?


Breakdown of relationship is defined in section 1.3.1.

Removal within Australia on relationship breakdown

  1. This section is not the authority for the payment of this condition. It is only a guide. Removal benefits are authorised in Chapter 6 Part 5 Division 10.

  2. Removals may include these payments. Each of these payments has conditions that are explained in Chapter 6.

    1. Costs of pet relocation.

    2. Costs of delivering and collecting a vehicle from a transporter's depot.

    3. Insurance and indemnity.

    4. Removal of furniture and effects.

    5. Removal of one private vehicle and one towable item.

    6. Hire of necessary household items.

Travel within Australia on breakdown of relationship

  1. This section is not the authority for the payment of this condition. It is only a guide. Travel benefits are authorised in Chapter 9 Part 3 Division 2.

  2. If an application is approved, a partner is eligible for these benefits.

    1. Travel to the same location as their removal at Commonwealth expense. Travel is paid for the partner and any of the member's resident family who are moving. It is usually by the most economical method. Approval may be given for air travel instead, or travel by private vehicle.

    2. If it is necessary for there to be a break in the journey, an amount may be paid for accommodation.

    3. The cost of meals for the partner and the member's resident family during their journey.

    4. Pet relocation costs.

    5. In some circumstances, baggage costs.

How to apply for conditions in Australia


A partner may contact 7 Toll Transitions on 1800 819 167 to ask about these conditions. More detailed information is in Chapter 6 Part 5 Division 10 section 6.6.83, How to claim.

Overseas conditions

  1. This section is not the authority for the payment of this condition. It is only a guide. Benefits are authorised in Chapter 14 Part 3 Division 6 section 14.3.27, Ceasing to be a member with dependants overseas.

  2. The benefits are as follows.

    1. Removal of items from the overseas posting location may be made to where the partner intends to live in Australia.

    2. Removal may be made to other locations in Australia but the cost will not be more than the cost of paragraph a.

    3. In some circumstances, storage may be approved.

    4. The partner and children are eligible for travel to Australia.

  3. These conditions are paid to the member. The partner should ask the member to apply on their behalf.

  4. Members should apply at their post. If members are unwilling to apply, the partner may contact the post to explain the situation.

Pay and conditions manual


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