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7.5.21 Rate of allowance – hotel or serviced apartment

7.5.21A Rate of allowance – Quarantine residence

7.5.22 Amount of assistance – SAFE scheme

7.5.23 Standard of accommodation

7.5.24 Meals – hotel or serviced apartment

7.5.25 Rate of allowance – other temporary accommodation


Examples: Boarding house, guest house, bed and breakfast, caravan park, private arrangements such as staying with friends or relatives.


Example: A member takes temporary accommodation at a guest house for a week with their non-member spouse and two children of the same gender under 13 years old. The total cost of the accommodation is $300. The member must contribute $120 to the cost. (The actual contribution will depend on the member's rank and is specified in Annex 7.A Part 1). Their rate of temporary accommodation allowance must not be more than $180.

7.5.26 Meals – other temporary accommodation

7.5.27 Advance payment of allowance

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