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9.5.32 Purpose

9.5.33 Members this Division applies to


In the total workforce system, this includes a member in any Service category except Service category 1.

9.5.34 Members this Division does not apply to

9.5.35 Travel costs while living out on a journey


Example of how incidentals can be worked out: A member departs the normal place of duty or residence on Wednesday at 1700 and arrives back at the normal residence at 2000 on the following Friday. Based on a daily incidental component of (for example) $15.90, the member is eligible for incidental expenses for the entire absence, as follows.

1700 Wednesday to 1700 Thursday


1700 Thursday to 1700 Friday


1700 Friday to 2000 Friday




3.5.35A Quarantine residence while living out on a journey

9.5.36 Limits on travelling allowance for meals and accommodation

9.5.37 When there is no eligibility for incidentals


Example: A member who is not entitled to field allowance may be eligible for incidentals if they meet either of these conditions.

  1. They are part of a survey party but are not on exercise.

  2. They are part of a survey party and are not camping out, but are housed at a Service establishment.


In the total workforce system, a member of the Reserves may be described as a member in Service category 2, 3, 4 or 5.


Non-example: A member would not be eligible for incidentals in any of these situations.

  1. They travel on a journey that has not been approved as being at Commonwealth expense. For example, as a voluntary exchange of postings with another member.

  2. They break the journey for personal reasons.

  3. They are on recreation leave travel under Part 4 Division 1 of this Chapter.

  4. They are posted to the location where they are already serving on temporary duty, from the date the posting takes effect.

9.5.38 Incidentals for a member on a course

9.5.39 Member occupying living-in accommodation

9.5.40 Keeping accommodation while occupying living-in accommodation on temporary duty

9.5.41 Travel for more than 21 days

9.5.42 Limits on travel costs for journey longer than 21 days

9.5.43 Accommodation and meals for resident family

9.5.44 Overnight stay following a period of Reserve service


In the total workforce system, a member on Reserve service may be described as a member in Service category 3, 4 or 5. A member on Service option C is not a member on Reserve service.

9.5.45 Eligibility for incidentals at annual Reserve camp

9.5.46 Recall from recreation leave or long service leave

9.5.47 Additional travelling allowance

9.5.48 Confirming actual travel costs


Example: The member signs an After Travel Certification form to confirm that they took the travel booked for them.

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