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1.7.8 Purpose

1.7.9 Recreation leave



1. A member in civil custody may be permitted to take recreation leave during the period of custody.

2. If a member had applied for, or was on, recreation leave before a period of imprisonment, detention or custody, the period of recreation leave that the member has not taken is cancelled.

1.7.10 Short absence and medical absence from duty


Note: A member who is imprisoned or in detention or custody will remain so while receiving medical attention, regardless of the location of the medical attention.

Example: A member in detention is hospitalised due to a medical condition. The member remains under detention conditions while in hospital.

1.7.11 Maternity leave


Example: The member has taken 10 weeks of her 52 week maternity leave entitlement before being detained for a period of 4 weeks. Upon release the member is eligible to take the remaining 38 weeks maternity leave.


Note: If a member would have been eligible to paid maternity leave under Chapter 5 Part 6 during a period of detention or military custody, the member is eligible to receive the salary payable under section 1.7.5 for the period.

1.7.12 Parental leave

1.7.13 Long service leave

1.7.14 Other forms of leave

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