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If a term is not defined anywhere in this manual or other legislation, it has the same meaning as in the Macquarie Dictionary.

Warning – Different Definitions for Overseas Conditions of Service

The following terms are defined differently for overseas conditions of service:

  • long-term posting
  • posting location
  • posting period
  • short-term duty

Those definitions are in Chapter 12 Part 3.

1.3.1 Interpretation

1.3.2 Close relative

1.3.3 Member undergoing recategorisation training

1.3.4 Posting period


Examples for the note under subsection 6: Maritime disability allowance, ADF district allowance and housing assistance.

1.3.5 Serious illness

1.3.6 Special needs


The approved form for section 1.3.6 is the AC832 - Application for Special Needs Assistance.

1.3.7 Suitable accommodation

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