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9.3.3 Purpose

9.3.4 Overview



  1. Remote location leave travel.

  2. A member may travel at their own expense to the place of marriage or establishment of a common household.

  3. The member may also be able to use another form of travel benefit, if the rules allow.

9.3.5 Basic benefits

9.3.6 When a member travels at their own expense

9.3.7 Member's or partner also a member

9.3.8 Marriage planned or common household started before posting

9.3.9 Travel from other location in Australia

9.3.10 Travel from outside Australia

9.3.11 Change of family status in special circumstances

9.3.12 Travel for a child

9.3.13 Special baggage arrangements for travel

9.3.14 Travel on next posting

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