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8.5.1 Purpose

8.5.2 Emergency situation


Example: The member is at home but may be required to undertake a regular forecast duty. The family has three children. One child requires scheduled surgery and is still being breast fed which requires the member's partner to remain at the hospital. As the hospitalisation was planned for, the member should have arranged with their unit not to be on duty. This event is not an emergency situation.

8.5.3 Eligibility for emergency support


Example: A member is away from home on a work related activity. During the member's absence, one of their children becomes seriously ill and is taken to hospital for tests. The member's partner is with the sick child, leaving another child at home alone and in need of care.


The Defence Member and Family Helpline can be contacted via 1800 624 608 or


    Example: The member is posted overseas. The spouse of the member is incapacitated in an accident and the member has dependant children who are minors. The children's aunt is appointed the guardian and authorised representative of the children. The unit commander is then given permission by the aunt to apply for support.

    When the written application has been lodged, a Defence Community Organisation social worker is made available to support the member's dependants and drafts a support plan that includes the following information.

    1. The types of services recommended for the member's dependants listed under section 8.5.6.

    2. A list of people or organisations who the member's dependants or authorised representative agree may be informed and consulted with during this time.

    A support plan is drafted in consultation with the member's dependants or authorised representative and any of the following people, if relevant.

    1. The unit commander.

    2. Chaplains or Maritime Spiritual Wellbeing Officers.

    3. ADF health staff.

    The social worker also assesses the written application and then makes a recommendation to the CDF.

      8.5.4 Applying for emergency support

      8.5.5 When emergency support has been approved

      8.5.6 Types of services available

      Pay and conditions manual

      Visit the Afghanistan Inquiry website for information and welfare support regarding The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force’s (IGADF) Afghanistan Inquiry.