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7.4.5 What is a licence to live in?

Conditions for licence to live in - easy guide

  1. The conditions that relate to a licence to live in are described throughout this Part and Annex 7.4.A.

  2. The following table provides a quick reference guide for this Part.

    Quick guide
    Item Subject Reference
    A. About the licence
    1. Definitions Sections 7.4.4 and 7.4.5


    Condition reports Section 7.4.13
    3. What is a licence to live in? Section 7.4.A.1


    Start of a licence to live in Section 7.4.A.6
    5. Permitted use Section 7.4.A.7
    6. When a licence to live in ends Section 7.4.A.22
    7. What happens if a member fails to comply with the licence to live in Section 7.4.A.24
    8. Disputes Section 7.4.A.25
    9. Licence to live in – Quick guide Annex 7.4.A Part 1
    10. What happens if you don't comply with the conditions of the licence Section 7.4.A.5
    11. Conduct and values Section 7.4.A.9
    B. Member's benefits
    12. Right to own room Section 7.4.19
    13. Exemptions from contribution Division 5
    14. What you get Section 7.4.A.2
    15. Conduct – security Section 7.4.A.14
    16. Access to a member's room Section 7.4.A.18
    C. Member's duties
    17. What you must do and not do Section 7.4.A.3
    18. Care of the living-in accommodation Section 7.4.A.8
    19. Absence from the accommodation Section 7.4.A.21
    20. Vacating the accommodation Section 7.4.A.23
    21. Conduct of visitors to your accommodation Section 7.4.A.17
    D. Eligibility
    22. Swapping rooms Section 7.4.A.19
    23. Member who can live in Section 7.4.7
    24. Member required to live in Section 7.4.8
    25. Member who may choose to live in Section 7.4.9
    26. Licence to live on a ship Section 7.4.42
    27. Accommodation on board for seagoing member Section 7.4.43
    28. Accommodation ashore for seagoing member Section 7.4.44
    29. Accommodation and contributions for seagoing member on temporary duty Section 7.4.47
    30. Member required to share room Section 7.4.19
    E. Care of the property
    31. Care of the living-in accommodation Section 7.4.A.8
    32. Conduct – animals Section 7.4.A.10
    33. Conduct – damage Section 7.4.A.11
    34. Responsibility for living-in accommodation Section 7.4.12
    35. Conduct – disturbance Section 7.4.A.12
    36. Conduct – lighting, heating and cooking Section 7.4.A.13
    37. Conduct – security Section 7.4.A.14
    38. Conduct – smoking Section 7.4.A.15
    39. Conduct – vehicles Section 7.4.A.16
    40. Moving furniture and fittings Section 7.4.A.20
    F. Paying
    41. Contribution for living-in accommodation Division 4
    42. Contributions for accommodation ashore – member without dependants Section 7.4.45
    43. Contribution for accommodation ashore – ship is uninhabitable Section 7.4.46
    44. Accommodation and contributions for seagoing member on temporary duty Section 7.4.47

Pay and conditions manual

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