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14.3.5 Removal at beginning of posting

14.3.6 Pet relocation


Example: Two pets are removed to the posting location and the member is reimbursed AUD 652. At the end of the posting, three pets are returned to Australia and the member is again reimbursed AUD 652. The total reimbursement is a maximum of AUD 1,304 for all pets.

14.3.6A End of posting pet relocation costs – COVID-19

14.3.7 Storage of items not removed

14.3.7A Items placed into temporary storage

14.3.8 Loss on sale or disposal of items

14.3.9 Storage of excess items


Example: A member finds permanent accommodation. Certain items are too large for the new residence.

14.3.10 Removal during posting

14.3.11 Removal at end of posting

14.3.12 Unacceptable items for removal


Examples: Explosive, flammable, combustible or corrosive items.


Examples: Plants, wooden items not allowed through Customs.


Examples: Beds, whitegoods, wardrobes, lounge suites, bookcases.


Examples: Televisions, stereos, piano.


Examples: Caravans, hobby vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, go-carts.


Examples: Boats, yachts, jet skis, outboard motors.


Examples: Hang gliders, gyrocopters.


Examples: Carpets, mats, rugs, blinds, awnings, bean bags, mops, brooms or linen baskets.


Examples: Ride-on lawn mowers, garbage bins, wheelbarrows, stepladders, garden furniture, sheds, greenhouses, cubby houses, large or heavy barbecue equipment including gas bottles.

14.3.13 Benefits if enlisted overseas

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