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10.4.1 Purpose

10.4.1A Member this Part applies to

10.4.2 Payment for loss or damage

  1. Paragraph 2.b does not apply to a member after they have been recalled from leave for service reasons as they are on duty once they are recalled.

  2. Personal effects are limited to tangible items that may be worn or carried on the person and are clearly personal in nature. Non-issued military-styled items will not normally be reimbursed.

    Examples for Personal effects: Briefcases, handbags, wallets, watches, hand luggage, suitcases, jewellery, portable radios, cameras, personal cash, pens, dentures and glasses.

  3. Defence Insurance with Comcover provides coverage for personal effects while in an approved workplace or while on approved travel inside Australia. Claims should be submitted to Comcover in the first instance.

10.4.3 Amount of payment


Example: A member's glasses are damaged beyond repair. It could be reasonable to approve a payment that includes the cost of an eye examination which is part of the process for obtaining replacement glasses.

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