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  1. When a member is posted within Australia, they may incur extra costs to educate or accommodate their child. Education assistance helps with these costs. This Part outlines the education assistance available to members for their children.
  2. Division 5 sets out assistance for a member's tertiary student children and adult childrean who live away from the member's housing benefit location. The member does not have to be posted to be eligible for this assistance.


Principles for the provision of education assistance

  1. Education assistance is provided to facilitate, wherever possible and practicable, family unity disrupted by a member’s relocation due to a posting.

  2. Family unity is achieved by ensuring continuity of the child’s educational progress and emotional wellbeing through the provision of educational assistance.

  3. The child’s educational needs are also met by enabling education assistance to help with accommodation for a child whose school is not in the member’s housing benefit location.

  4. While education assistance aims to secure the same reasonable standard of education that any government schooling in Australia provide, the member may choose other forms of schooling for their child at their own expense.

  5. Education assistance helps the member with the additional costs of their child’s education‑related expenses that they would not have otherwise incurred had the relocation not taken place.

Pay and conditions manual


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